Monday, 16 April 2018

CCC Portrait Workshop

Last Sunday Clive Downes and Trevor Lee Organised a one day Portraiture Workshop for members of the Cambridge Camera Club Bernadette Lemon was our model for the day. We Learnt about shooting with window light; in Low Key lighting; High Key lighting with both a neutral background and one illuminated by a red filter; and finally a dance routine. A great day.

Natural Light with reflector.

Low Key Lighting.

I have to admit to this being my preference.

 High Key Lighting with neutral background

High Key but with background lights having a red acetate over them


After the event I had a play in Photoshop .....

Sunday, 15 April 2018

PRS Workshop - Shooting Modern Architecture

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Held a one day workshop in Nottingham entitled 'Shooting Modern Architecture'. The workshop was lead by Martine Hamilton Knight. Martine is one of the UK's leading Architectural Photographers and Trainer. Her web site can be seen here

I was expecting an enjoyable day as Architectural Photography is one of my main passions. As it turned out I was blown away by her Training Style and enthusiasm. She runs regular courses for the RPS (the next event in September is already fully booked!!). Martine is also one of the trainers at 'Line+Light' a Nottingham based Training Company where I get the feeling she is the leading light. You can see these courses at

We started off the day with a class room background and learning session. We then Visited some of the beautiful buildings around the area or Nottingham Trent University.

- Nottingham Tent University Newton Arkwright Building
- Nottingham Theater Royal
- Nottingham Trent University Boots Library

CCC Portrait Workshop

Last Sunday Clive Downes  and  Trevor Lee  Organised a one day Portraiture Workshop for members of the Cambridge Camera Club Bernadette Lemo...